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Kegelmaster is the Choice for women who care about their intimate health.

  • 16 years of proven success and out performs EVERY other device on the market for Urine Leakage and sexual enhancement
  • Clinically Proven to alleviate urine leakage/Incontinence
  • Physicians #1 choice
  • Made in the USA
  • Made with high quality medical grade components
  • It is Guaranteed for Life (If purchased from an authorized retailer)
  • Alleviates all types of Incontinence
  • Prevent, and reverse early stages of Prolapse
  • Improves Sexual Dysfunction
  • Rejuvenate vaginal stimulation, circulation, and health

Beware, there are people selling a cheap chinese knockoff of our product that has sharp edges. You can tell this unit because it is pink instead of blue. If you have any questions, please call us and we will work with you on this.


Kegelmaster LLC manufactures the Kegelmaster medical device, and its components.(Springs, DVD, and Instructional Brochure.)

Because of cheap chinese manufactured counterfeits, we can only provide assistance and our Lifetime Manufactures Defect Policy is only valid when purchased direct from us or through an authorized retailer. If you have a question if a retailer is authorized, please feel free to call us.)

Any other device or accessory purchased or given along with the Kegelmaster, is done so soley at the discretion of the company you purchased the Kegelmaster from. Please contact the business of purchase if one of these products does not perform as expected.
Any issues with the Kegelmaster, DVD, or Spring sets can be directed to us.
Call us at (800) 326-3604 if you have any questions. (Please be aware that we can not help you if you purchased from an unauthorized distributor)