Understanding Female Urinary Incontinence

femaleurinaryincontinence1The first thing you need to know about Urinary Incontinence is that you are not alone. 20%-30% of young women , 30%-40% of middle-aged women, and up to 50% of older women suffer from urinary incontinence in one form or another.  It can range from a little pee leaking when you sneeze, cough or laugh, to a more serious urine leak during physical exertion such as running, jumping, crossfit, and other forms of exertion during exercise.

The next, and most important thing for you to know is that it can be stopped.  A simple pelvic floor exercise, done properly, with the assistance of the Kegelmaster 2000, has a 16 year track record of 100% success rate with these types of urinary incontinence. (Backed by a 100% Guarantee)

Watch the video below and hear Dr. Danielle West, ND describe her own personal experience with urinary incontinence and using the Kegelmaster 2000.

Do you leak when you laugh, cough, sneeze or strain?

femaleurinaryincontinence2The most common type of urinary incontinence found in women is:

Stress incontinence – Leakage happens with coughing, sneezing, exercising, laughing, lifting heavy things, and other movements that put pressure on the bladder.  It is often caused by physical changes from pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause.

This often leads to the next most common type, especially if not taken care of:

Urge incontinence – This is sometimes called “overactive bladder.” Leakage usually happens after a strong, sudden urge to urinate. This may occur when you don’t expect it, such as during sleep, after drinking water, or when you hear or touch running water.

Again, the most important thing for you to know here is that it is completely within your power to end this.

More than any other treatment, doctors worldwide tell their patients to do Kegel Exercises, otherwise known as Pelvic Floor Exercises.

femaleurinaryincontinence3Here’s the problem with this…it doesn’t work. Unassisted kegel exercises almost never cure incontinence. Let’s be honest, if these simple exercises, which you are told you can do anytime, sitting, standing, whenever, worked, there would not be the epidemic of female urinary incontinence that exists today.  Proof of this is the global incontinence market estimated to be over $10 Billion annually and growing.  It is estimated that someone with incontinence spends an average $300 per year on these products.

Doctors have confirmed that most women who think they are doing kegel exercises correctly are actually using the wrong muscles.  In addition to this, squeezing these muscles with no resistance is far less effective.  Imagine trying to build your arm muscles...in one hand you have a dumbell, in the other, nothing.  I won’t insult you by asking which would benefit the most.

This is what makes the Kegelmaster 2000 so effective.  It provides you with 15 levels of resistance. (64 levels with the advanced model)  With this resistance, you can see results from your exercises anywhere from 1-3 weeks.

So don't delay. Take control of your life. There is no risk as we offer a complete money back guarantee. We even cover the shipping! Order your Kegelmaster 2000 by clicking the button below.

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We have over 100 verified purchase reviews on Amazon. The most recent one touched us and we felt it was important enough to put it here. Feel free to visit Amazon to verify this...

From J.J. - Jan, 31, 2017

I ordered this due to not being the same down below after childbirth. I had two very large babies and sex did not feel the same afterwards.

I also had trouble making it to the bathroom in time and I most certainly could not do jumping jacks, running, or basically any type of exercise without a thin pad.

I just happened to come across this product information while researching bladder surgery options. I immediately ordered it after reading the reviews.

After only one week of use, I could already tell a difference. There were areas down below that had not had feeling during sex for quite some time. I actually have feeling there again!

I've been using this product for a couple of months now and have been very pleased with the results. I have worked up to level 5 and can honestly say this product is bringing me back to my pre-baby "situation".

From Katie, Feb 26 2017

My name is Katie Dalbec and my daughter, Megan, is working on her Doctor of PT degree specializing in women's health. You sent both of us a kegelmaster to try. First of all, I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to try the Kegelmaster. Megan said that you would like to hear some feedback from me.

As Megan mentioned to you, I had been struggling with some incontinence issues. A few years ago, a flyer advertising the APEX device came to me in the mail. I went to a PT and asked whether or not she thought this device would be helpful to me (I wanted a quick fix!). Because I still had some strength in and control of my pelvic floor muscles (although weak), she didn't think that the APEX would be appropriate for me. She did not recommend any other device and really didn't know much about the APEX. She gave me some daily exercises to strengthen my pelvic floor. I continued to experience incontinence issues.

Fast forward to last year when Megan started learning more about women's health. She began researching various medical devices that can be used to help women strengthen the pelvic floor. When you sent her the Kegelmaster device, she suggested that I try it. I began using it randomly at that point. On January 11, 2017 I started a focused six days per week, one time per day regiment of 30 repetitions holding each for five seconds. Because my PT told me that my biggest problem was sustained muscle strength, I decided to go longer than the recommended two second hold. I have been using two springs, mostly on pegs 2 and 4, although I have experimented with other configurations.

I am so excited to report that after only 2 months, my incontinence issues are almost completely resolved. I no longer have to wear a panty shield 24 hours/day and I don't have to put up with that awful odor. I can also say that my orgasms are getting stronger. I am still working to build more strength, so that I can continue to improve in both areas.

Disclaimer: Everyone is different and your results may vary. Be aware that if you are not satisfied with your results we will refund your money no questions asked.

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