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The Kegelmaster offers women a way to improve vaginal tightening, muscle tone and strength. A tighter and stronger vagina is obviously going to bring more friction, and therefore more pleasure to both you and your partner.

Women and men are amazed at the difference! Rekindle your love life, astonish your partner with your new, tight vagina. Your partner will feel twice as large and some women have reported being able to bring their partner to orgasm by simply contracting their pelvic floor muscles!

With increased muscle tone, comes increased circulation and greater sensation. Some women have reported being able to have an orgasm after years of difficulties. Other women have said that after the first use of the Kegelmaster they were able to have more intense orgasms. And as well as stronger and more satisfying orgasms, they are also saying they are having multiple orgasms.

If a woman uses the Kegelmaster for 10 to 15 minutes prior to love-making, it is not uncommon for both partners to report having the greatest sexual experience of their lives!

Chances are, you are probably not having the best and most powerful orgasms you are capable of! And that’s one of the wonderful ‘extra bonuses’ you get by using the Kegelmaster to strengthen, tighten and increase the blood flow to the muscles and nerve endings responsible for intense all over body orgasms.

The truth is that most women are not in touch with their bodies and sexual response and have hardly begun to reach their true sexual and orgasmic potential. Most women are capable of experiencing much more sexual pleasure than they ever dreamed of! But because they have not accessed their natural sexual potential, it lies dormant and untouched. This is such a shame!

Sex after childbirth can sometimes be a disappointing experience leading to emotional bedroom scenes, depression and relationship problems.

“I was horrified when a pregnant friend told me her partner was encouraging her to have a caesarian instead of a natural birth as he was adamant things would change ‘down there’ if she had a natural birth and he wouldn’t get the same friction.”

Apparently this is quite common. And unfortunately it is all too true. After childbirth, weakened muscles, prolapse and lack of sensation can have devastating effects on a previously healthy sex life. Your vagina feels (and probably is) twice as large. Your pelvic floor muscles are stretched, weakened, out of place and sometimes injured. These problems can be exacerbated with each subsequent birth. However, this can all be easily remedied by performing resistance exercises with the Kegelmaster!

“I can remember being in tears after one particularly bad love-making session, when my husband quite bluntly told me he was incapable of orgasm because I was too large and there was no friction anymore. I just thought, ‘I’m only 35 and our sex life is over, where does this leave us?’ I could see no remedy for the problem. We had previously enjoyed sex but this was prior to childbirth – it just seemed like it would be all downhill from here. But all was not lost – after discovering the Kegelmaster I am pleased to announce that 3 weeks into using it, and only up to tension setting 3 (out of 15 settings) my husband asked me to stop squeezing him as I was ‘too tight’. I then relaxed and we had one of the best love-making sessions for a long time. He was incredulous at the difference, he thought all his Christmases had come at once and now just can’t get enough of me.”