If you’re dealing with the embarrassment and aggravation of incontinence, you can either take drugs to treat your symptoms or use a simple Kegel device to completely cure your problem. The device is known as the Kegelmaster 2000, and it’s able to treat and reverse incontinence due to weak pelvic floor muscles.
The Kegelmaster 2000 is an investment in your health and well-being, whether you currently have a problem, you want to prevent a future problem, or you simply want to improve your sex life.
Specifically designed to help women perform proper and effective Kegel exercises, the Kegelmaster 2000 Kegel device applies adjustable targeted resistance against the muscles of the pelvic floor, strengthening those muscles and reversing incontinence related to weak muscle tone. Doctors have long known that a strong and healthy pelvic floor can prevent the onset of bladder prolapse, uterine prolapse, and bowel prolapse; now women can take control and reverse these problems.
Kegelmaster.com offers both the Kegelmaster 2000 and the Advanced Kegelmaster for sale. Both the original genuine Kegelmaster and the Advanced Kegelmaster come with the same Kegelmaster base core unit, four medical grade stainless steel springs, instructional DVD, booklet and urinary diary log.
The four standard medical grade stainless steel springs will provide 15 distinct levels of resistance and a total maximum resistance of 4.5 lbs of compression resistance. Where the Advanced Kegelmaster distinguishes itself is with the addition of 4 zinc-plated hardened springs. With the addition of these springs, the Kegelmaster Advanced will now provide 64 distinct levels of intermediate resistance and up to a maximum of 9.5 lbs total resistance.
The standard Kegelmaster Kegel device provides sufficient resistance to restore the strength to the pelvic floor muscle and indeed most women never see the need to graduate to the Advanced Kegelmaster. However, there are two main advantages to starting out with the Advanced Kegelmaster:
- The additional springs provide for more intermediate levels of distinct resistance and can allow for faster progression to the higher settings.
- The maximum settings provide for additional strength and control many women find that the additional levels of resistance keep the exercises challenging and enjoyable and with the higher resistance levels there comes greater benefits.
Generally speaking, within a half dozen workout sessions, and often as early as the first workout session, sexual intercourse will begin to feel more pleasurable and stimulating. You may experience a feeling that your partner’s penis is larger or has a more firm erection and your partner may experience a feeling of an increased vaginal pressure. You may experience a more intense orgasm and find that it easier for you to achieve orgasm.
It’s recommended that all healthy women perform Kegel exercises with a Kegel device such as the Kegelmaster 2000. In fact, the Kegelmaster 2000 is the only known, proven non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical solution to nearly all forms of female urinary incontinence!
You can learn more about the Kegelmaster 2000 Kegel device when you visit online at kegelmaster.com. Take control of your incontinence and enjoy more pleasurable intimacy, with the #1 doctor-approved Kegel device.