Are you looking for an effective Kegel exercise device? The Kegelmaster 2000 is a proven effective device to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and stop incontinence. In fact, this device is the Physicians’ #1 choice and proven to prevent and reverse the early stages of prolapse.
With the Kegelmaster 2000, you can improve sexual satisfaction for you and your partner in just 3 weeks. It’s guaranteed for life and made in the USA with high-quality medical-grade components. The Kegelmaster 2000 is  a clinically proven Kegel exercise device designed to alleviate urine leakage and incontinence, and will rejuvenate vaginal stimulation, circulation, and health.
For over 16 years, the Kegelmaster 2000 Kegel exercise device has been and is still the #1 doctor recommended, most effective Kegel exercise device for women. It was designed to help women perform proper and effective Kegel exercises by applying adjustable targeted resistance against the muscles of the female pelvic Floor. The benefits from performing regular Kegel exercises with the Kegelmaster Kegel exercise device include relief from many common female pelvic floor disorders such as:
- Incontinence
- Pelvic and vaginal pain
- Sexual dysfunction
To use the Kegelmaster 2000, open the Kegel exercise device and insert the appropriate number of springs. After completely closing the unit, be sure to generously apply lubricant from the tip only to the flange. Slowly and carefully insert the Kegelmaster with the knob facing upward, no more than 3 inches into the vagina.
At this point, begin to loosen the adjustment knob to open the unit as much as is comfortable. You should feel a slight stretching. Using only the muscles of the pelvic floor, the muscles that encircle the vaginal opening, squeeze the unit closed and hold for 3 seconds, then release and repeat.
You will know the Kegel exercise device is working almost immediately. When you are able to close the Kegelmaster using your vaginal muscles you will see the device close and feel your pelvic floor and pubococcygeus muscles working against the resistance of the unit. Over a short amount of time you should begin to experience greater control over your bladder and urinary system.
All healthy women should engage in the Kegel exercises with a resistance-offering Kegel exercise device. Here’s are a few reasons why:
- The Kegel Exercise is the only known, proven non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical solution to nearly all forms of Female Urinary Incontinence.
- The collapse or failure of the Pelvic Floor is directly responsible for many common female reproductive health complications like incontinence, constipation, pelvic organ prolapse and sexual dysfunction. All of these problems can be prevented with proper Kegel exercises.
- Proper Kegel exercises can increase the intensity of the female orgasm as well as improve sexual pleasure for both intercourse partners.
- Kegel exercises are often prescribed in preparation for vaginal child birthing and can prevent pelvic floor damage during vaginal childbirth delivery as well as make child birthing easier and less painful.
To learn more about the Kegelmaster 2000 Kegel exerciser device, visit online at and discover what so many other women have already found out: The Kegelmaster 2000 can cure incontinence and improve intimacy with your partner.