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After menopause estrogen levels are lower and the lining and muscles of the vagina can become atrophied, thinner and drier. As a result this can make sexual intercourse uncomfortable.

Use of the Kegelmaster can keep the vaginal muscles moist and toned. It makes perfect sense that when your muscles are exercised it stimulates circulation which in turn creates moisture.

There is a lot going on in women’s bodies during menopause. Hormonal changes may cause a woman to experience a prolapse or incontinence for the first time.

It is important to realise that although we can’t help with the hot flushes and mood swings, the Kegelmaster can alleviate some of the bigger problems like prolapse, incontinence and getting your sex life back on track! This will help you to cope with the other little annoyances menopause throws your way.

See our sections on ‘Incontinence’ and ‘Prolapse’ for more information on these conditions and how they can be easily and effectively be eliminated by regular use of the Kegelmaster.