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To visualize how the Kegelmaster works, hold your hand in front of you and close your fist. Now imagine your closed fist is your pelvic floor muscles that surround your vagina and you want to strengthen your hand muscles.

Now relax your hand and squeeze and hold as if you were doing a “kegel” exercise. Do this 10 times.

Now imagine you were holding a spring loaded hand exerciser and you were squeezing it. Not only are you now exercising against resistance, but notice how when you relax the squeeze you are still fighting the resistance. In this way you are strengthening the muscle both ways.

Which of these exercises do you think will actually work better and faster?

This is why “traditional” kegels don't work and why the Kegelmaster 2000 has been working for women for over 18 years.

The choice is yours.

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The Perfect Kegel Exercise

Learn the Perfect Kegel Exercise and Improve the Quality of your Life.

The right choice for any woman who wants to increase or restore pelvic floor health, reduce urinary incontinence and get more pleasure from sexual intimacy. Everything you need to start effective Kegels now.

Beware of illegal counterfeit Kegelmasters that were made in China and are being sold online. You can tell as these are Pink instead of Blue. They are made of a cheap plastic and have sharp edges that can cut you. Real Kegelmasters are made in the USA from only medical grade materials and are FDA approved. If you have any doubts, just call us direct and we will help you.

Because of this, our free assistance, 100% Guarantee and Lifetime Manufacturers Defect Policy are only valid when purchased direct from us or through an authorized retailer. If you have a question if a retailer is authorized, please feel free to call us.

If you have any questions about ordering or just the product in general, feel free to call and speak with one of our experts, they have been helping women with the Kegelmaster for over 15 years. Be aware that if you did not purchased from an authorized distributor, we can not help you. Call toll-free 800-326-3604

Verified Purchase Reviews on Amazon

We have Verified Purchase Reviews on Amazon as far back as 2008. If you want to get an idea how the Kegelmaster 2000 has worked for other women, take a good look at these. Don’t forget to read the comments under the reviews. We do have some negative reviews, check those out as well and you should see that the issues are easily solvable. We’ll be here to help you with using your Kegelmaster 2000!

15 reviews for Kegelmaster 2000 Standard Kegel Exerciser

  1. 5 out of 5

    Resistance is the key. This product delivers! Tones your pelvic floor muscles. Once a day; easy to use. Follow directions and watch video! Great value

  2. 5 out of 5

    I bought the Kegelmaster 2000 to prepare for childbirth. It was a good thing I bought and used the kegelmaster 2000. , I delivered an eight and a half pound, 21 inches long, beautiful baby boy. I only pushed for five minutes before he was born. However, after childbirth my pelvic floor was weak. I was unable to achieve an orgasm with my husband. I’m assuming the weight of my baby really did a number to my pelvic floor. Not to mention I am a very petite girl. Anyway, I used the Kegelmaster 2000 as directed twice and that’s all It took for me to have an orgasm during sex with my husband. The kegelmaster 2000 obviously shows instant results. I feel tighter and finally being able to enjoy sex with my husband is a beautiful thing.

  3. 5 out of 5

    I suffer prolapse. My third pregnancy was long and hard. Needless to say I needed to be fit down there in the worst way. I wanted this item for a long while but I waited because it’s so expensive. I figured I could do the kegels on my own with the same results. That isn’t true. After just one day of use my husband could feel a big difference. I also had relief from having to run to the bathroom all the time. My only regret is that I didn’t get this after my first child. I am steadily gaining strength and the results are very encouraging. Since I have prolapse I do my exercises with my butt propped up on a pillow while laying down on my back; slanting down words towards my face. That way there is no extra pressure on the muscles and my uterus is towards its normal spot. I will do this through the whole program. I don’t know how, but I will try to give an update when I reach the end of the levels. I tried doing this program in the doggy position. I figured it would do the same thing as the pillow position. I didn’t like it. It kind of hurt. The pillow position is the most effective in my opinion (if you have prolapse). I also use this with the free android application called kegel cat. You can program it to suit your needs and you don’t have to worry about being distracted by counting reps. I highly recommend this for your, “V,” fitness needs. I hope this review helps you. Blessings.

  4. 5 out of 5

    After my third kid sex was no longer pleasurable, I couldn’t do many exercises without a little leakage, and even my super tampons did not want to stay inside. I’m only 27 and just couldn’t imagine living the rest of my life that way. I was actually looking into vaginal rejuvenation surgery when I came across this device. Reviews seemed legit so I purchased, and I am so happy I did. I’ve been using this for 4 weeks (every night for about 15-20 mins before bed while watching TV) and can already tell a huge difference. I’m on level 7 now (out of 15) and I no longer leak while exercising at all, my tampons don’t creep out on me anymore, and sex is already more pleasurable for both my husband and me. Things even look more neat and closed down there now. It’s really amazing. I can’t believe people get surgery for something they can fix on their own with this product. I am so excited to see my changes at week 12. This just makes me so happy. I really can’t describe how much better I feel now after using this. Do not hesitate to get this. Buy it now and get started on changing your life. No joke.

  5. 5 out of 5

    So I’m going to start off by saying that I’m only 33 but I had two very large children within 2 years. And my bladder is just not the same as it used to be. I have to wear a pad every day and it needs to be changed in the middle of the day. I have always thought my pelvic floor was fine, but when it got tremendously worse after my second child, I knew I had to do something different. So I went for the cheaper options.

    First I tried the silicone covered kegel balls and I did see a veryyyyy slight improvement. But since you couldn’t keep progressing with them, I looked for something else.

    Then I tried the stainless steel balls in three different sizes. I did see more improvement from them, but yet again, I reached that threshold where I just wasn’t making any more progress past a certain point. And since I was still wearing pads daily, I knew kegels were helping, but not enough.

    So when I came across this, I felt like taking the plunge might actually be worth it since it offered increasing resistance. I am dead serious when I say that I’m glad I did. This really works. It works well.

    I thought I had already had quite a bit of strength since I had been working on it already, so I started out on setting 5. Yeah, did that twice, was way too sore for a few days, so I backed it down to 3. It still felt like I was working out, but not to the point of making my whole belly sore for days. So I stuck with setting 3 for the whole month, because even after a month, I still was noticing improvement, and I honestly didn’t feel like it was time to move up.

    When I first started, I was having A LOT of bladder issues on a daily basis. I could easily change my pad 2 or 3 times a day if I was doing something that made me sweat on top of the leakage. By the end of the month, I am still having leakage, but its quite a bit less. I can go almost all day without changing my pad, AND there have been a couple days where I was able to actually keep the pad on all day (I don’t normally do that, but I wanted to see if any changes were happening and that was really the only objective way for me to tell).

    And I’m also going to say that I didn’t tell my husband that I was doing this until I had been doing it for about 2.5 weeks. We had just finished having sex and he says “You felt a lot tighter to me the last few times, is it just my imagination?” Well, no, its not. He actually noticed it, and he had no idea that I was using something. I did end up telling him what I was doing, and showed him (his reaction was priceless when I came out with it, but he was pretty intrigued by the design and how it works. haha)

    Overall, I am THRILLED with the progress that I’ve seen so far, and for once I’m actually hopeful that I can stop wearing pads every day. Not only am I working to lessen a physical symptom that is already present, but this is so easy to add to a daily routine (takes like 10 minutes from start to finish, cleaning, and putting away) to help lessen the chances that aging and weak muscles will turn into a prolapse of some sort. This is easy to use, works well, can be used for a LONG time (I’ve been at it a month and just now feeling like I can go to Level 4 – there are 15 available on the Standard Kit and even more available if you go for the Advanced!), offers SO many health benefits, and the big thing that I can’t stress enough is that it actually WORKS if you use it.

    For reference, the manufacturer suggests doing 3 sets of 30 reps, so thats what I’ve been doing. You can and should do what is comfortable for you, but I did find this recommendation to be good for me.

  6. 0 out of 5

    I prescribe this instrument for all my female patients who have had children and are beginning to experience some stress incontinence. I have found it to be very successful even for those women who have failed surgical procedures. Using this instrument with addition of a small amount of testosterone cream strengthens the muscles. My patients often remark about it improves their sexual satisfaction. Several of my patients have found that using the instrument while in a warm bath is helpful. John Disiere MD

  7. 0 out of 5

    Bought this product a little over a year ago. Apparently it was a knock off because it was pink. Well now I do have a blue one. Still have the pink. Honestly just wanted to see the difference. There really isn’t other than color. But if the blue is the real one then I’d suggest supporting the real company….
    Anyway on to the benefits.

    So you know where i started. I’m a mom of three (natural births) things got rough when baby #1 came out face-up, 8lb 12oz, and 23 inches long. Stitches and follow that with two more births in the next three years…enough said.

    No more worry about leaks when sneezing or coughing. I’m in complete control when I sneeze and haven’t leaked a drop in the last 8 months or so. It did take time. Don’t over do it. Let your body rest a day in between.

    No more prolapse. After baby number three my Dr. was concerned because I had a slight prolapse. Nothing too big but worrisome as I was only 22. Now I’m back to great V health. Also i started working out. At first I would leak during cardio and feel great pressure while squatting. Not anymore. No pressure or heavy feeling.

    Also a personal disclaimer. Some other reviews said this product hurt. Personally I don’t see how. Unless your trying to pull it out and havent closed it maybe. Be gentle with your body. Obviously you’ll want to put a lubricant before you insert. Basic knowledge. The DVD is helpful.

    And last but not least the sexy benifits. 🙂
    You’ll have the squeeze of death. Long before you have all four advanced springs in. But once you do. Watch out.
    Reaching the O is easier and stronger than ever.

    I’ve recommended this product to several women. I absolutely believe in it. It made a difference for me.
    Just remember don’t over do it. (Your muscles need time to rebuild. think of weight training)
    And be gentle to yourself. Don’t ram it in and don’t yank it out.

  8. 0 out of 5

    So after having four children I knew changes were going to happen to my body as I got older. But there are some changes no one ever tells you about. One is that you will never laugh or sneeze without worry again. The whole time you are clenching every muscle you have and siliently praying that you havent peed yourself. Sex is just not the same either. It takes longer and you just arent getting the “ooomph” you used to. Im sure my husband noticed as well but he is too much a gentlemen to ever tell me. So I decided to ctart kegal exercises. But doing it on your own is hard to remember and to keep track of. Not to mention how do you know if you are doing it right. After a year of trying to remember to do them and then only doing so sporadically I was not noticing any changes. So I thought to look for an aid device of some kind and came across this. IT came in a nice gift box. I thought that was strange. Then when you open it up it looks like a strange torture device or sex toy. Then you see all the springs and totally have no idea what it is. But then you see you get a dvd and a nice instructional phamplet. The Dvd is like an informercial and then the same thing as the phamplet. The phamplet walks you through how to use. First you take the main compponent and unscrew it. IT opens up in half and you place a spring in the top most postiton. Once you do that you screw it back together. Now you need lubricant and some alone time. You place the blue piece inside you and unscrew the piece until it springs open. Then you squeeze. That is it. It is best to do 3 sets of 10 to 20 reps. IF you do this everyday you will see results fast. The more springs you add the more ressistance you get. I have done it every other day for a month. I am just starting to see results but as I said I have had 4 kids so I need alot of help. I am noticing that I can hold my bladder longer and no longer worry about wetting myslef when I sneeze.

  9. 0 out of 5

    I bought this after I had my first daughter and lost a lot of muscle and was constantly leaking. After a few weeks of using this I noticed a huge difference. It really helped me increase my kegel muscles and was able to hold my bladder. It is easy to clean and comes with very detailed directions on how to use it.

  10. 0 out of 5

    I feel the difference! In all honesty it was a bit of a rough start. At first it was a bit scary and when I first saw it it didn’t seem like an expensive, well made product. The packaging seemed super outdated and I would recommend to the manufactured or creator to update their leaflet because it seems to be the original that was printed many years ago when it was first released and even had that old paper smell to it.

    Mine did not come with the satin little bag. Overall it was not a good first impression. As you see it in the pictures, the product, DVD, and info sheet the package looks outdated. I used it a couple times and stored it away, I was very concerned that I had pinched my inner walls and that is what scared me the most. I looked for further information on insertion and removal to see if I was doing anything wrong but it was all very short and simplified so I was still not at ease.

    After I broke up with the guy I was seeing at the time I decided to make the KM my new long term commitment. I got reacquainted with it and we developed a much better relationship the second time around. When I use it I lube it up and think happy thoughts and tell myself to relax.

    It has been about a month of daily usage as instructed, 3 sets of 30 but sometimes I do a little extra. I am very glad I got over the first bumps and the first impression because after this month I have made noticeable progress.

    When I first started, I could barely feel the contraction of my PC muscles. I was totally out of touch with my body. I am also reading a book to put me more in touch with my sexual energy and I feel it is coming together very well. To focus on this product, I bought mine here. It is blue, it says that it is sold by Kegelmaster and facilitated by Amazon. It is completely smooth, it looks like medical grade plastic, and trust me is a device to help you get strong not a pleasure toy although I believe that comes later after you put in the work. I remember that a little pee would escape when I sneezed, now, I have been on the toilet peeing and I have sneezed and noticed that nothing got out without my authorization.

    My advice is: yes, it may seem expensive, I bought the more expensive Advanced version to get the most benefit. It may be a risk and you will read the one star reviews and wonder if it is worth it. Some of those reviewers did not give the KM a second chance. I am very happy that I did! I feel more confident just because I feel the strength developing and I’m looking forward to my progression. I have been taking it easy and gradually moving up the levels.

    I’m my opinion this is a great investment, I highly recommend it for your physical, mental and sexual health. I have not had sex after my gain but I did some self cultivation and never been better doing it solo. I hope it does for you what it had done for me! Good luck!

  11. 0 out of 5

    I was skeptical about ordering such a device, because it was quite expensive and i didn’t think it would work. I had no vaginal or prolapse issues, i simply wanted to achieve the big O and felt this could help me do that lol. I lost my V card at 20 and am now 30 years old. i have never had an orgasm vaginally it was just something i thought would never happen for me. After reading the reviews i decided to give it a try. When i first attempted to use it i tried on level 1 and discovered my vagina was keeping it closed. Moved to level 2 and same problem. I tried level three and was able to open and close it fairly easy, after a day i went to level four. Level four was difficult to open and close but i was still able to move it so i kept trying and after three days i was able to open and close it easily. I am now adding a second spring! I’ve been using the device for a little over a week now and have only been intimate once since then. I definitely noticed a difference in sensation its amazing. i never thought i was loose and my husband didn’t either but now it feel much stronger. (i cant explain it). I still haven’t reached my goal of orgasm as its only been a week and ive only tried once since using it but i sensations that i never felt before and i could see how with continuous use me finally having one is possible. If you are skeptical about trying it i would advise you to give it a go. i regret wasting all that time debating on getting it. its well worth the investment!

  12. 0 out of 5

    My fiancee has been using the kegalmaster for about three weeks now and already we both are noticing improved results in our sex life. She was very reluctant to try it but promised she would use it every night as the routine suggests. Now she is a firm believer that it is helping and we are both VERY excited to see how strong she can squeze in 3 months. Currently only using one spring. Very happy with the product and will recommend it to every woman I can openly discuss this with. My exwife is even going to buy one now too

  13. 0 out of 5

    This product is so valuable! I wish it was taught by doctors to all adult women to use it. Using it you can tone your pelvic floor so well. Its private and simple to use. And over time, will make all the difference in your pelvic floor health. It can even support you to be able to resolve pelvic floor issues that would otherwise need medical intervention. Follow the instructions and take your time moving up the levels of springs.

    I myself have used it as part of my process healing prolapse. (I also ate collagen rich foods like bone broth and did yoga and got bodywork.) It can be done! I used it again when I was again TTC and guess what? now I am pregnant and I feel healthy and strong down there. And I am sure I will use it again PP to again restrengthen my pelvic floor.

    If your pelvic floor has taken a hit and you figure you just have to live with it — its not true! You can reclaim that part of you in full force, with proper training. And this product makes it a very simple process.

    Additionally, this company could not be more upstanding. Originally, I had some issues because I didn’t purchase my first Kegelmaster 2000 from an authorized dealer, but when I contacted the manufacturer directly, they were very friendly and helped resolve my issue. I could tell they really cared about me and my health! Support this company and support yourself by buying a Kegelmaster. You will be so glad you did.

  14. 0 out of 5

    “I was a dancer and I had very strong muscles. I did all my prenatal kegel exercises but after the birth of my son I was very disappointed at what happened. The Kegelmaster has helped me to reconnect with my muscles and with the slight incontinence and with sexual pleasure also.”

  15. 0 out of 5

    “Every woman should have a Kegelmaster! Now I have a very strong kitty cat. I didn’t even know that you needed to exercise your vagina, but apparently, you do and the Kegelmaster is the machine to help you do it. All the other housewives have fiances and boyfriends, but when I finally get one, he’s going to hit the jackpot!”

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