The Kegelmaster 2000 Advanced

Adds a set of 4 extra strength springs to the Standard.

With these extra springs you can take the Kegelmaster 2000 from 15 adjustable resistance levels up to 64.

Do you need 64 levels? Probably not. Most women will get the health results they are looking for with the standard Kegelmaster 2000.

We had requests for even more resistance, so we introduced the Advanced Spring Set and have had many women comment that this enhanced their experience with the Kegelmaster.  If you would like to go beyond and increase the strength of your vaginal muscles even more, then the Advanced Spring set is for you.

The right choice for any woman who wants to increase or restore pelvic floor health, reduce urinary incontinence and get more pleasure from sexual intimacy. Everything you need to start effective Kegels now.

Beware of illegal counterfeit Kegelmasters that were made in China and are being sold online. You can tell as these are Pink instead of Blue. They are made of a cheap plastic and have sharp edges that can cut you. Real Kegelmasters are made in the USA from only medical grade materials and are FDA approved. If you have any doubts, just call us direct and we will help you.

Because of this, our free assistance, 100% Guarantee and Lifetime Manufacturers Defect Policy are only valid when purchased direct from us or through an authorized retailer. If you have a question if a retailer is authorized, please feel free to call us.

If you have any questions about ordering or just the product in general, feel free to call and speak with one of our experts, they have been helping women with the Kegelmaster for over 15 years. Be aware that if you did not purchased from an authorized distributor, we can not help you.  Call toll-free 800-326-3604


Kegelmaster Advanced Includes:

  • Kegelmaster 2000 (Genuine Original Patented Kegelmaster 2000 Unit)
  • Standard Resistance Levels (1 to 15/0 to 4.5lbs)
  • Advanced Resistance Levels (up to 64/0 to 9.5lbs)
  • Comfort range adjust
  • Instructional video DVD
  • Daily bladder habits diary
  • Dr. Approved Organic Lubricant
“Take that First Step Now & Improve the Quality of Your Life!”

Verified Purchase Reviews on Amazon

We have Verified Purchase Reviews on Amazon as far back as 2008. If you want to get an idea how the Kegelmaster 2000 has worked for other women, take a good look at these. Don’t forget to read the comments under the reviews. We do have some negative reviews, check those out as well and you should see that the issues are easily solvable. We’ll be here to help you with using your Kegelmaster 2000!

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