The Ultimate Physical Fitness System


What is the Kegelmaster™?

The Kegelmaster™ is a compact, plastic unit measuring approximately 22cms in length and 3cms in diameter.Kegelmaster™diagram

It consists of two separate parts joined together at the base by a hinge. This hinge easily unclips for complete dismantling of the unit, making thorough cleaning of the unit a breeze.

The lower half of the unit consists of four posts onto which you place the surgical grade stainless steel springs provided, in a series of differing combinations relevant to the current strength of your pelvic floor.

This series of fifteen different combinations represents the resistance levels of the Kegelmaster™ and this is what makes the Kegelmaster™ truly unique!

The top half of the Kegelmaster™ is the section of the unit that is inserted into the vagina and squeezed.

Please see ‘Animation’ to gain an understanding of how the Kegelmaster™ works the pelvic floor muscles.

An adjustable knob on the top side of the unit can be turned to slowly push the two upper parts of the Kegelmaster™ apart, this in turn puts pressure (but no pain) on the vaginal opening, thus creating the resistance needed to work the pelvic floor muscles.

The differing spring tensions create differing levels of resistance, in the same way we use weights at the gym.

The idea is to close the unit by squeezing the muscles of the pelvic floor (or by attempting to squeeze the vagina closed as much as you can against the resistance of the springs).

The stronger the muscles become, the more resistance you can handle! Hence the importance of progression.

Please Note: The Kegelmaster™ has been designed to be completely safe. There is no pinching of any skin anywhere. You only insert the unit as far as is comfortable for you. It can never be inserted too far as the unit is designed to stop automatically at the flare. Please read “How To Use The Kegelmaster™” before use.