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Hi, I bought the Kegelmaster from your website 2 weeks today and have religiously used it twice a day. I had slight incontinence and it has fixed it already as well as made me a bit tighter . My husband and I love it and I am looking forward to the next few months using it. Thanking you for the quick service, you’ve won me on the Kegelmaster! I’m amazed how quick it works!

Janette, NSW

For the past two years, I have suffered incontinence problems, to the point that I had leakage getting into my car, or walking down the road – and of course, coughing and lifting. I saw the Kegelmaster advertised in the NZ Woman’s weekly – and thought I had nothing to lose, because I was at a point in my life where I was about to resort to surgery ( having already been down that road 10 years ago). It has really been remarkable, and there was a vast improvement within 3 weeks for me, though I did occasionally have a setback with a cold I had developed and had continuous coughing fits. I would absolutely recommend this product to any woman – it has been literally life changing for me. Thank you Maree and Michelle.


I am writing to thank you for changing my life! Seeing your print advertisment in a womans magazine was like a light going on for me. You were speaking to me! I was aware that i had a problem, after having 3 children but thought that ‘that was it’ and i had to just accept it and do my ‘pelvic floor exercies’that we, as women, are told to do and quite possibly face surgery in the future. I am now a couple of months into using the kegelmaster and every aspect of my life has changed. Most importantly in a physical way, but as importantly, in my inner confidence and in my realationship with my husband. I had been doing what I thought were the right pelvic floor exercises but now I can see, they were doing nothing at all. Thank you Maree and Michelle. The product is truly life changing.


I am coming up 40 next year & I thought I would share you my story. My youngest child is nearly 10 years old and I have had this major peeing problem since then. At first it wasn’t too worrying after having her and not too noticeable to others, but after a year of it I was worried as I didn’t have this problem with my first 2 children and nothing changed but seemed to get worse and i guess i’d hoped it would just get better, as I’m a pretty active, sporty mum with 6 children to keep my life busy! (i have had only 3 biological children). As time went by I had started to become more conscience of myself and embarrassed as I’d take a big bag with me nearly everywhere I went and my husband use to joke and say I forgot the kitchen sink!

I didn’t tell him what was going on, as I was even too embarrassed to tell him. So, I suffered in silence thinking that that was my lot! Anyway, I thought, I saw my mum go through the same thing and she never said anything to us girls growing up & so I resigned myself to that this was my lot in life too for having children. After a few more years had gone by I was really concerned but getting more desperate to try anything, so told my doctor which was really embarrassing as he was a male doctor, who in turn sent me to a woman specialist. I found that the exercises she tried to get me to do too hard, as I couldn’t feel anything down there! No matter how hard she tried to make me feel the walls of my private part pull up, I just couldn’t, so I faked it! I was too embarrassed to tell her! Herein to say, after the second time, I didn’t go back to her.

Indentifying the sexual intimacy with my husband, he had noticed a change down there but did not complain about me, tho he has expressed that it is not as tight as it use to be, but he was more concerned that he wasn’t pleasing me. I felt more inadequate feeling I wasn’t fulfilling him, but he’s been lovingly reassuring me that everything would be ok. But for both our sakes I knew something had to be done. Well, 10yrs have nearly crept up and nothing has changed but only seem more worse than ever and I am more consciously aware of myself especially out into public because I have had some pretty major, embarrassing moments. I rush home and feel like hard out crying! Even though I am pretty sure that I have contributed thousands of dollars on pads and tampons!

Then, about 3 months ago, i was reading a magazine in a public waiting room and I came across an article with Teri Hatcher talking about a product she had found & how it has helped her strengthen those (private) muscles after having her daughter and how it has helped with her peeing problem. I felt embarrassment majorly because I was in a public place and thought everyone noticed I was embarrassed but I was curious as well as skeptical, but more curious and desperate enough to try something new that I ripped the article out of the magazine and with every intention to look up the website when I got home.

I didn’t, not straight away anyway, but held onto it in my bag. Well, just over a week ago, late at night I got on the website and read the whole website! I felt like crying as I no longer felt like a loner & though I was still skeptical I purchased it! It has only been 5 days since I started using it and I notice the changes big time! I spoke to my husband about how I feel about myself and he is really happy for me! I have sneezed about 5 times already and held myself for fear of wetting myself at first but it has not happened! And I been sneezing hard! I no longer feel like I’m rushing and busting to go to the toilet and have to rip my pants down before I wet myself. I can stand at the toilet before I need to go and nothing comes gushing out like it use to! I feel more confident going out without liners or thick pads and tampons! My husband & I have only been intimate once since I started using it as he’s just had an op, so we wont be able to feel the impact of that part til an opportune time. And that doesn’t greatly concern me as was the incontinence did. I am so very pleased that this had come my way, I know God has favored me & helped me find this product as He knew that the incontinence was robbing me of all confidence in myself. So, here to say, that I am truly grateful for woman like yourselves who had the courage to do what you have done & reached out to other woman like me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


“I use the kegelmaster if not each night, at least, every second night (bar the breaks for my period), and I definitely have noticed an increase in my confidence. Four years of bladder weakness is a long period with which to find ways ‘around’ living a normally active life. One of the things I enjoy so much more now is playing outdoor games with my children. I always used to be mindful that if I did run, or lift, or jump with them suddenly, my bladder would leak, but, now I don’t have to think twice about it. I’ve even tried jogging for the first time in a long time! I’m mindful that my bladder is still not as strong as it was, but I know my physical activity has increased significantly over the past two months…..which is good because my 9 month old son is already becoming faster than I ever remembered my daughter to be! Thank’s to you and the kegelmaster, I now have hope. If I’d known about this after the birth of my 4 year old daughter, I would have used it religiously. I truly believe medical professionals should promote this tool to all their patients who are going through the same ordeal.”

Mother of two

“You know I’d never really known what Kegel exercises were. I’d heard about pelvic floor exercises when I was pregnant but frankly they seemed a pointless waste of time, it was so hard to tell whether they were doing any good, and I could never see any results. My incontinence got pretty bad after childbirth so when a friend told me about the Kegelmaster I went right out and bought it – and I’m extremely glad I did – I can now run and jump and I no longer have to wear panty liners every day. Thank you Michelle and Maree.”


“I am an older woman and after five children I’d just accepted that my pelvic floor muscles were never going to improve and I’d be plagued by incontinence for the rest of my life. I’d had to wear pads every day for the last 21 years and sometimes even at nighttime if I had a cold and was coughing during the night. After just three weeks of using your Kegelmaster product I am pleased to report that I’ve crossed pads off my shopping list! I wish I’d found this product years ago and am quite annoyed it hasn’t been available before now. Thank you for finally selling it. And I do like your slogan about ‘empowering women’. Good on you!”


“What a fantastic gadget! I knew I was a bit ‘stretched’ after my baby, my partner wasted no time in telling me this and actually I suspected this myself as I had to start using Super tampons instead of the Slim that I used before pregnancy, and they would sometimes even just fall out when I sat on the toilet. Whoever tells you the size of tampons is only related to your ‘flow’ is lying! After using the Kegelmaster for four weeks now I have thrown the Supers, and am back to the Regulars, and everything feels normal again. I am just astonished by the swift results.”


“I had my 3 children sometime ago and really didn’t think there was much hope for me. I suffered stress incontinence and unfortunately wearing incontinence pads became a way of life. Joe frequently complained about our lack of intimacy, but that part had disappeared sometime ago for me, bluntly put, it just didn’t feel the same after having the children. After a recommendation from my sister-in-law I started using the Kegelmaster on my 50th birthday. The sheer act of using it has made me so much more in tune with my body. The results are marvelous. Joe and I have benefited so much. Terribly cliché, but I feel like a new woman.”


“Like it or lump it, the cold hard truth is that after having my son James, my partner just didn’t feel as “big” anymore. Of course I never breathed a word of it to him, but so many times I wished he were just a little more endowed. My advice – if for no other reason – use the Kegelmaster to improve your sex life. Because my vaginal muscles have tightened, my partner now feels bigger. Hey we women are allowed to enjoy sex too.”